Bring out the Best Picture in the Used Panties for Selling Them

There are some exotic sites that help you to sell used panties so that they get a lot of buyers for your underwear. This is a fantastic idea to sell the used goods so that people with fetish comes to the site to find out about such goods. The sites often will offer you a membership so that you register with them and work with them only. The buyers like to see the panties worn by the ladies who sell them and so the site offers you to put up your own online store with proper décor. The pictures that you take with your face turned or blurred and wearing the panties can become the best ad for your goods.

Show off the worn panty

There are some sellers who show their faces in the pictures that they put up but the site owners do not have much to say about it. They often feel a quality photo with the panty on and the lower half of the body can do wonders when you sell used panties. So when you are taking the picture, make sure that you provide the panties in the picture that you are trying to sell.

Bring out the Best Picture in the Used Panties for Selling Them

There are sites that give you the platform for chatting with your prospective customers. They can have private photosets or can use the Skype cam chats to check out the panties – if the buyers like. You can set up your own price and keep the profit to buy more panties to sell. There are no transaction fees for these sells and so you can find it more lucrative selling procedure. You can show off that you are wearing the panties through the picture that you take or you can come over to the chat room or whatsapp number to post pictures or give details about the panties.

Deliver panties after selling online

You know that when you sell used panties to any customer; it is for their fantasy and to help in their imagination. They fulfill their fantasies with the help of the used panties. Often these buyers will also ask for socks or other inner wears that you can offer. You will have to take care of the customer’s fancy as long it is fun and profit for you. You must never set up appointment to meet the customers for selling of these goods. It will just be too much investment of your time. Do the selling over online and then deliver the goods to their address.