MALTA JOURNAL: Prostitution, erotica and also escorts– once constrained to Strait Street and various other “red light” areas

The previous media baron and also tycoon Lord Thomson (former Canadian owner of “The Times” of London and also countless proprietor of radio as well as television terminals throughout the globe before the development of the Murdoch brood) was when asked exactly what the general public actually liked to check out, see and read about and quickly replied “sex and also crime”. Anything beyond that, he was asked once more? As just as immediately he replied “indeed, even more sex as well as even more criminal activity”. Probably after that, he was a regular tourist to Valletta, which seems to be the hub of hooking in Malta.

Escort in Malta run raging on the web

Known for his prompt as well as practical replies he was as soon as photographed stooping to get a halfpenny that somebody had actually dropped. When asked why he got a halfpenny when he was a billionaire, his reply was “Escort in Malta“.

Sex and also crime have a self-evident destination whether one likes to enjoy them or equally antipathy, refute, disregard or try to avoid them. They have actually been a part as well as a parcel of human life because animals first walked on 2 legs and also continuously develop their spine.


Because their hey-days in the 20th Century (specifically after the Second Globe War) their sleaze worth has wound down and also practically went away. Strait Road is a mere shadow of its previous yet is being brought back for historical value as well as Gzira has been transformed right into a prospering district overflowing with bars, coffee shops, restaurants and also takeaways.

Has this meant the removal of prostitution, erotica as well as sleaze? Napoleon Bonaparte once articulated Britain to be a “country of store owners” and also much the very same might be claimed regarding Malta as well as Gozo.

In their place there is now a brand-new expansion– massage parlours supplying basically any kind of massage therapy stretching from the conventional, to the erotic to the supposed “pleased finishing”. A significant number are Chinese as well as from time to time the Cops mount a raid and also arraign proprietors and masseuses for “keeping a brothel”.