What a Perfectionist Option is in the fetish Night

Not everyone has fetishes.Some consider their fetishes to be normal, others do not. What is a fetish? Fetish is an obsessive fixation on an object or part of the body, or on both, which is necessary for obtaining sexual satisfaction. It turns out that if you masturbate, you need to represent your fetish or have it nearby. If you have sex, you also cannot do without fantasies about this object or the presence thereof, next. Without a fetish you are not excited. Take, for example, blondes and brunettes. For example, you like brunettes more, but you get the same from both. But if you are excited only from brunettes, and with blondes in any way, even though you should not put a wig on them, then everything, your brunette fetish.

Let’s see what we have there from the history of this word. The Portuguese had in the 15th century such a word “feitico”, which meant “otherworldly forces, objects, charms”. When these same Portuguese explored West Africa, they called these word different talismans, totems of the local population, etc. In general, the first fetishists were native tribes who had a different religion from the Portuguese. Then the meaning of the word changed. With the right tools from rubberloft.com you will be having the best details now.

What a Perfectionist Option is in the fetish Night

Fetishes are inanimate and animate. Inanimate are the materials (leather, rubber and latex, silk), the shape of objects (boots, heels, panties, etc.). Hair, Feet, buttocks, breasts and other parts of the body belong to animated fetishes. Actually, you can turn anything into a fetish. Fetishism is moderate and intrusive. If fetishism turns into obsession, prevents you from living and building relationships, it is time to tie and seek help from a specialist.

What is most popular as a fetish?

  1. Tales

It is difficult to say which tummies are more popular, elastic and pumped up or round and soft. Many fetishists must necessarily finish on the stomach; otherwise sex will not give them proper pleasure.

  1. Piercing

It is popular as a fetish in the age category from 18 to 35. What attracts in it? Well, for example, the feeling of cold metal, moving with a hot tongue on the penis.

  1. Leather, vinyl, rubber, latex

These are most often male fetishes. We like the way women look in tight, shiny dresses. Men are attracted by the image of “bad baby.”

  1. Slave and Mistress

Welcome to the new millennium. More and more women prefer to command and men to obey them in bed. Hence the sexual games like “slave and mistress”.

  1. Feet and arms

Women’s feet are one of the most common fetishes. Men like to lick, suck, kiss and bite. Therefore, many will not even meet with a woman with ugly feet.The same as men with feet, women love to do with the fingers of men’s hands.